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Now, you can get around your city in style.

Our network of happy drivers is designed to give you such a prominent experience as you get to select a vehicle that matches your personal needs and comes with a very well-mannered driver - all just a Tab of a button away. Download the GET2 App now for your iOS or Android mobile device and Get Going.

Why use GET2?

GET2 is an App designed and built for your best convenience of mobility needs, connecting you with Drivers and a variety of high quality cars to choose from, depending on your personal style, occasion or just getting from Point A to Point B. We have built a network of Drivers who are ready to pick you up and take you to your destination at your request.

To make your trip a breeze, you get Free Wi-Fi to stay connected on the go, that way you can Share your Trip Information and make sure that your arrival and drop off keep you safe and secured. Download Get2 App now for Apple or Android.

GET2 General Ratings

This informatin is constantly being gathered from users.

Clean and Luxury Vehicles 90%
Cab Availability 70%
Driver Experience 80%


It is the smartest way to keep you ahead of your busy schedule knowing that moving around your city is a matter of a tab.


Your Get2 Driver will pick you up and drop you at your safest location and you can Share your Trip info with Family as you go.


Get2 is the FIRST to offer you Free Wi-Fi as you enjoy your ride so you can stay in touch with your work, friends and family.


What makes Get2 the best is the level of quality and features in the service that comes without digging too deep in your pocket.

Now Available in South Africa.

Download the App | Sign up in one step | Setup your payment method | Request a Ride with Free Wi-Fi

Become a Driver for GET2

It is easy to get started, you only need to Download the App now and SignUp.

Verification Process

It is all in the App and has been made easy for you. You only have to Download the Driver App, upload documents as part of signing up and our team will get in touch with you shortly after. It is that simple.

Accepted Vehicles

We accept premium and luxury cars in order to offer our users a wide range of choice and an endearing experience while travelling with us. Cars must be less than 5 years old and excellent condition.

Building Your Income

The Get2 App makes it easy for you to start, with the advanced features; it leads you to the money.

GET2 Driver Rates

Our Driver Rates are approximately 25% high than the industry standards, which is important for the vehicle owners considering the sliding value of the vehicles as they work.

Work When You Need To

Work at the best of your convenience and make the income you need. The Get2 for Driver will give you leads on the busy times and locations as you work with it 24/7.

Become a Driver for Get2 now.

Download the Driver App | Sign up in one step | Upload your Documents | Start Driving and make income

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